Geo data rights

All kinds of header data in the Geophysics Information System (FIS GP) are visible for all users, except some few privacy-protected object attributes.

In order to view sensitive details of measurements and interpretations, special access rights are required. If a user does not have these rights, these attributes are hidden from him. The content of a hidden attribute is replaced by the string #locked#, and the primary key column (in most cases named ID) is shown in orange.

Some kinds of users get standard rights when registering as new FIS-GP-users:

As result of a search operation, you can see also the free parts of data objects which are locked for you due to missing access rights. If you don't want to see locked objects, please enter additional criteria into the search form, e. g. start date < 01.01.2003 and data owner = LIAG. You may also use the object filter functionality (see dedicated clickbutton in the list display of query hits to suppress locked objects.

The permission of non-standard access rights (may be non-fee for research purposes), needs the agreement of our director and the agreement of the data owner. In general, an individual contract has to be signed by all parties. However, there are some general conditions for the usage of FIS-GP-data. You can find these conditions on the FIS GP start page.